Buy Replica Road Signs at ViaDisney!

Magic Kingdom Monorail magnet

I stumbled across a pretty cool online store the other day, and I wanted to take today’s post to share it with you. It’s called ViaDisney, and they specialize in items inspired by road signs at WDW.

I went ahead and ordered the item you see above. It’s the sign for the Magic Kingdom Monorail that’s reminiscent of what you’d find in the Ticket and Transportation Center. I ordered a magnet (it was on sale for $3.00 with free shipping, down from it’s regular price of $4.50). The item arrived within 48 hours, which I was extremely happy with. It’s a nice, thin magnet, measuring about 2 x 3.5 inches. The colors are spot on, and it does really remind me of the signs you see so often in Walt Disney World.

Magnets aren’t the only option you have, though. You can also find 7″ x 10″ signs, 9″ x 12″ signs, license plates, and birdhouses. Normal prices range from $4.50 for the magnet like I mentioned above to $35 for a birdhouse. Shipping is free on all orders as well.

I gotta say, I really like what you get from ViaDisney. I think these are quality signs and other items, and they’d look great in your Disney Room (or heck, Disney House…I won’t judge). You can check out ViaDisney at the sites below. Don’t forget to place your order!


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