Music Mondays: Fantasmic!

For this weeks Music Monday entry, we’re going to go back to attraction music. Walt Disney World is home to some amazing night-time shows, once of which I already covered in the first entry of Music Mondays. Today, though, we’re going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic!

First, let me say I love having this CD. As it stands now (prior to the debut of Rivers of Light) Illuminations remains my favorite of the nightly shows in Walt Disney World, but the effects and showmanship in Fantasmic! is epic in its own right. And, of course, the music is not to be outdone, either.

There are a few versions of this soundtrack out there. I happen to have the one pictured above, which has the show music followed by the music, dialogue, and effects in Dolby Digital (a nice touch, if you have a surround sound system to take advantage of it). I’ve also found editions that contain both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions, and one that includes the Main Street Electrical Parade soundtrack (so, you could actually make this a two-fer!).

Obviously, Walt Disney World gift shops seem to be the best place to find this CD. But, since we’re focusing on how to do this at home, I think your best option will be to shop around on sites like eBay and Amazon. Be sure to look around first, as prices range from a reasonable $25 to an unreasonable $40 or more. This is a great CD and a great way to experience Fantasmic! when you’re at home, but we’re still talking about an audio CD here. Don’t pay more than you should.

Do you have this CD now? Let me know what you think of it in the comments!


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