WDW Reader’s Corner: Celebrations Press

The Premiere Magazine Celebrating the Magic of Walt Disney World

Image from celebrationspress.com.

Today I’m launching a brand new series that will focus on all the different ways you can find Walt Disney World-related material in…let’s say…long form writing. This series will encompass everything from great blogs to books (and e-books) and magazines. I’m a sucker for a good book, and combining that with my favorite vacation spot is a great way to learn more about Walt Disney World, or perhaps plan for my next visit. I’m hoping you feel the same.

First up, I want to share one of my favorite magazines. Celebrations Magazine, from Celebrations Press, contains stunning photography, current events, and tips and tricks that could make your next vacation a breeze. It’s published every other month, totaling six issues each year. You can subscribe to either print or electronic formats, and you can click here for more information on that. I personally enjoy the electronic version, but I can promise you the print version is a beautifully produced magazine. The current issue is #47, which was actually just released, and features articles on Sleepy Hollow, the Disney Archives, the Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Experience, and more. Be sure to dig into past issues as well, you just might find yours truly there (issues #9 and #12, specifically).

But you won’t just find a magazine here. Celebrations Press also releases books and journals for all ages, including their awesome hard-bound Christmas and Halloween Memories books.

Head on over to celebrationspress.com to poke around, and of course remember to subscribe to the magazine while you’re there!


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