Get Your Parks On At Work

Image from the Disney Style blog.

My sense of style is admittedly lacking, so luckily I leave that up to other, more qualified people. Like those at the Disney Style blog, who came up with some awesome Disney Desk Themes – including this “Park Explorer” set.

Consisting mostly of items you can buy right now from the Disney Store website, with a few items from Target mixed in, this is a great way to make work feel not as…work-like. I particularly love that Hollywood Tower Hotel journal and the Walt Disney World Resort rosewood pen (which you can personalize). Also, the picture frame with a Disneyland map is a nice touch I never would have thought of on my own.

To view all the items and get links to where you can find these, head on over to the original post on Disney Style.

Do you have a Disney themed desk set you’d like to show off? Tell me about it in the comments below, or post a picture to Facebook and/or Twitter!



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