Music Mondays: Mouse World Radio

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This will only be the second entry into my Music Monday series, but honestly I might not need any more after it. I really think you’ll enjoy Mouse World Radio this much. Mouse World Radio is a website (and app) that let’s you stream music from Disney Parks attractions, shows, and background loops.

Yep, you can stream all of this on your laptop or your mobile device. Simply head over to or find the mobile app in the App Store or on Google Play. The website lists 6 different stations, however (probably due to recent situations with Live365) the only two I found to work were:

  • Radio 2 – Commercial Free (96k)
  • StudiosCentral Radio – All Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Commercial Free)

The app (or at least the Android version) also only has access to these two stations.

When you’re just starting to build up your Disney music collection, it’s extremely difficult to come across a good chunk of this music (especially the music loops and some attraction audio – speaking from experience here). This is an amazing resource then, since that work is already done for you and it’s presented in a super-simple to use format.

If you’re pining for some Disney, and since such a large part of what makes Disney special is the music, I can’t recommend Mouse World Radio highly enough. Check it out!


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