Get H2O Plus At Home!

Disney Resorts complimentary toiletries.
My most recent haul from our stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Good news! You don’t actually have to stuff your suitcase full of those little sampler H2O Plus bottles before you check out of your Disney Resort.

Well, you probably will still do that…but you don’t have to wait to get to WDW anymore before you get some new shampoo. And unless you visit a Resort weekly, I would hope you’re in need of shampoo long before your next visit to Florida.

Luckily, the Disney Store has you covered. I love bringing home those little sampler bottles, because they’re just one more of those little things that remind me of my home away from home. But they don’t last long.

So click on over and check out the selection of H2O Plus you can order from your home. And, yes, they come in (much) larger sizes than you may be used to. Prices start at about $13 for shower gel and work their way up to $50 for the Sea Marine and Sea Salt Spa Collection.


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