A Touch of Mary Blair

it's a small world art

So maybe a replica of Spaceship Earth in your living room isn’t your style (or maybe it is, I’m not here to judge either way). WDW DIY isn’t going to be about bringing in-your-face-Disney into your home all the time. If you’re looking for something a bit more subdued, there are so many great options for you. Let’s check out the first.

Wall art is a great way to accent any room. Certain pieces of concept art, or art inspired by parts of Walt Disney World Resort, can make for very worthwhile options. So many artists have placed their unique touches on every aspect of Walt Disney World, but maybe none were as unique as that of Mary Blair. Probably best known for her work on it’s a small world, Mary’s style is being sought after more and more heavily nowadays.

And for good reason. I posted a picture of small world art above, which I think would make a beautiful piece of wall art at home. It has that undeniable Disney World feel, but it’s not so overt that guests in your home see it and immediately think it’s just another piece of Disneyana.

The unfortunate part: it may not be so easy to find. And depending on what exactly you’re looking for, it can get expensive. I’ve done some scouring of the interwebs for you though, and I’ve come up with some good options:



Have some cash to burn? It’s possible to find lithographs like this. Be prepared to shell out some cash, though. I found some on eBay tonight, with asking prices of over $1,000.00. You may be able to make an offer for less, but even at that, not your most cost-effective option.

Art Inspired by it’s a small world

Art by Jeremiah Ketner. Check out his work.

It’s possible to find art inspired by small world. Take this piece by artist Jeremiah Ketner. It’s beautiful, and retains all that Mary Blair charm you would expect. I found these on eBay in the $80 range for a 14×18 print. Add a nice frame, and you have a great piece of Disney inspired wall art for under $100.

If All Else Fails, Etsy

I found a number of really good small world prints on Etsy. Sizes and prices range obviously, but I found a number of full sized prints for about the $20 range. Click here to check out the search and see for yourself.

Make It Yours

Listen. If this is something that gets your creative juices flowing, just make sure you go for what speaks to you. I honestly think a good number of those Etsy prints would look awesome hanging on my wall, for a mere fraction of the price of some of the other options I gave you. Don’t feel like you need to shell out the big bucks for art like that, unless you really want to – which is fine also.

The main idea here is that this is a fun, creative way to showcase some Disney inspired items without plastering cartoon characters all over your walls (once again, no problem with that, either). Do you have something like this at home, or know of a great place to get Mary Blair art? Post it in the comments below!


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